Providing the best care possible as soon as possible is important to me.

Working as a Paramedic has motivated me to develop a stronger appreciation for information sharing, skill development, and continuing medical education in the interest of becoming a better clinician. My thought is the best way for anyone to improve as a practitioner is to remain receptive to new knowledge and ideas.

I value learning from others. With many ways to approach a problem, most practitioners have their own techniques when it comes to things like calculating a Dopamine drip, dealing with a difficult airway, or using ones best clinical judgement in a situation requiring special ethical considerations.

For me, maintaining a variety of exposures and influences has been the best way to remain current, informed, and prepared. I like learning from others.

Feel free to share your ideas, and if you have a topic or burning question you’d like addressed please post it. If I don’t know the answer I’ll find out for you.

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