While the Tableland Mountains in Gros Morne National Park offer both fantastic day trip and multi-day snowkiting adventures close to the Southwest Gultch Backcountry Cabin, the Lewis Hills offer bigger terrain, larger features, and a more remote experience. Since the Tableland Mountains are a non-mechanized zone with snowmobile traffic limited to accessing the Southwest Gultch Cabin, the Lewis Hills are an ideal choice for those looking to combine a high-adrenaline snowmobile adventure with an ultra-remote snowkite adventure.

The Lewis Hills Plateau sits at approximately 2000′ above sea level and spans over 100 square km. It features rolling terrain, alpine bowls, steep chutes, open snow-covered alpine lakes, frozen waterfalls, natural half-pipes, pillow drops, and everything else you would want to see in a world class snowkite venue. The Lewis Hills are separated from the Blow-me-Down mountains by the Serpentine Valley and Serpentine River. On a nice day, the views from the top of the Lews Hills are some of the nicest in Newfoundland. With consistent wind and reliable snowpack, the Lewis Hills have everything you need for the ultimate snowkite day trip (avalanches occur frequently in avalanche terrain, so recognizing and avoiding avalanche terrain is essential for any group venturing into the Lewis Hills).

The remoteness of the Lewis Hills makes them very attractive but also very difficult to access. Route finding can be challenging at the best of times and self-propelled travel is not an option due to the 40+km snowmobile approach required to access the base of the mountain.

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