Mine rescue, emergency response training

Secrets of Mine Rescue

Why practice something you already know how to do? Because if you don’t, you’ll be terrible at it when it’s time to do it for real. […]

Warm Air, Cold Water

During a heat wave it’s easy to forget about hypothermia, but when planning a trip on the water, managing hypothermia risk is a real concern. Just […]

Rewarming in Hypothermia

  Title:  Active vs. Passive rewarming in Severe Accidental Hypothermia Report By:  Martin Hanazlek Clinical Scenario:  “A patient suffering from severe accidental hypothermia presents to EMS […]
Crisp Afternoon

Wilderness Survival 101

Picture this: It’s a pleasantly crisp afternoon in the middle of winter and you’re bundled up in a scarf, hat and mittens for a leisurely stroll […]


While the Tableland Mountains in Gros Morne National Park offer both fantastic day trip and multi-day snowkiting adventures close to the Southwest Gultch Backcountry Cabin, the […]

The Human Slingshot

The Human Slingshot If you think you have seen everything, wait till you see this. These guys have taken a bungie cord, strapped it between two […]

A New Meaning to Steep and Deep

This video brings a new meaning to the word steep and deep. Pro Snowboarder and Ice Climber Xavier de Le Rue is known for climbing some […]

Ebola Virus Cure?

When querying a cure for Ebola, many looked towards the world of imunology. Very few envisioned an Ebola Virus filter, yet company in San Diego just […]
Cooking up a storm

Desolation Sound

Durban Island in Desolation Sound is a rare and beautiful place to visit. A former D.E.W. Line site, Durban Island (also known FOX-E) is one of […]

Ebola in Newfoundland

With the world still struggling to understand Ebola infections and if they’re truly leveling off or if we’re just becoming desensitize to the gross media attention, […]