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understanding specificity and sensitivity

Specificity vs. Sensitivity

Sensitivity vs. Specificity Whats the difference and why do we care? Interpreting lab values can seem complex. You may notice a value is high or low, […]
Distributive vs. Obstructive vs. Hypovolemic

Shock & Hemodynamic Monitoring

What shock is your patient in? When it comes to shock, putting it all together and figuring out what type of shock your patient is in […]
Endotracheal Intubation and the Paramedic's Scope of Practice

Endotracheal Intubation, “to tube or not to tube…”

Should Paramedics have Endotracheal Intubation included in their scope of practice? Endotracheal Intubation is the most definitive airway in the prehospital environment and an essential tool […]

Emergency Tracheotomy

Can’t Intubate and Can’t Ventilate   Although it doesn’t happen often, it’s possible one can be faced with a situation where they’re unable to intubate and […]

Use LEMON when managing difficult airways

Maintaining an airway is essential for all patients and is the cornerstone of pre-hospital emergency medicine. Without an airway, your patient will deteriorate rapidly regardless of […]

ST Elevation on an EKG

When you hear people discussing EKG’s/ECG’s you may hear them refer to something called ST Elevation. A normal EKG/ECG (produced by a healthy heart) is called Normal Sinus […]

7 Elements – Keeping it simple with higher level thinking

Medical emergencies can be tricky at the best of times even for the most experienced clinicians and practitioners. If you don’t deal with sick patients on a daily basis, feeling […]

Geriatric Care and the GEMS Diamond

The aging process is often misunderstood. Many clinicians are fantastic at working with older populations while others find it quite challenging. When working with older populations, the […]
Mine rescue, emergency response training

Secrets of Mine Rescue

Why practice something you already know how to do? Because if you don’t, you’ll be terrible at it when it’s time to do it for real. […]

Warm Air, Cold Water

During a heat wave it’s easy to forget about hypothermia, but when planning a trip on the water, managing hypothermia risk is a real concern. Just […]

Rewarming in Hypothermia

  Title:  Active vs. Passive rewarming in Severe Accidental Hypothermia Report By:  Martin Hanazlek Clinical Scenario:  “A patient suffering from severe accidental hypothermia presents to EMS […]

Ebola Virus Cure?

When querying a cure for Ebola, many looked towards the world of imunology. Very few envisioned an Ebola Virus filter, yet company in San Diego just […]
Cooking up a storm

Desolation Sound

Durban Island in Desolation Sound is a rare and beautiful place to visit. A former D.E.W. Line site, Durban Island (also known FOX-E) is one of […]

Ebola in Newfoundland

With the world still struggling to understand Ebola infections and if they’re truly leveling off or if we’re just becoming desensitize to the gross media attention, […]