Understanding the Basics of Sepsis

Understanding the Basics of Sepsis Sepsis is an overwhelming inflammatory response to an infection (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, or SIRS for short). For a patient to […]

7 Elements – Keeping it simple with higher level thinking

Medical emergencies can be tricky at the best of times even for the most experienced clinicians and practitioners. If you don’t deal with sick patients on a daily basis, feeling […]

Warm Air, Cold Water

During a heat wave it’s easy to forget about hypothermia, but when planning a trip on the water, managing hypothermia risk is a real concern. Just […]

Rewarming in Hypothermia

  Title:  Active vs. Passive rewarming in Severe Accidental Hypothermia Report By:  Martin Hanazlek Clinical Scenario:  “A patient suffering from severe accidental hypothermia presents to EMS […]
Crisp Afternoon

Wilderness Survival 101

Picture this: It’s a pleasantly crisp afternoon in the middle of winter and you’re bundled up in a scarf, hat and mittens for a leisurely stroll […]